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U.S. Detour is a family run, online selection of products made and/or assembled in America. We believe that the story of where and how a product is manufactured is just as important as the durability and quality of the product itself.

Our family’s work experiences have ranged from being involved with startups to becoming a part of establishments that are over 100 years old. We’ve lived in areas devastated by outsourced jobs and communities flourishing with local business districts. We believe that there is power in youthful enthusiasm and strength in the wisdom of experience.

As Americans, we all have diverse backgrounds, varied opinions, and distinct stories. Our mission is to celebrate these differences and help to showcase the unique products and stories each state has to offer by creating an accessible guide to discover, compare, and buy from a selection of America’s best stuff.

Rugged craftsmanship. Refined design. U.S. Detour.

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